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Streaming Set Up

The essential guide to help you prepare for your show.

Streaming Set Up

Download Streaming software (OBS, Larix, Streamyard, etc)

Some of these charge for specific features, OBS is free, Larix is aimed at mobile

Streamyard is very good for a “directed” zoom-like experience with multiple parties on the screen at the same time and people/images/videos coming on and off the screen in a controlled fashion. However, if bandwidth is tight, sound will suffer

OBS is very good for high quality sound and video output. It’s easy to set up multiple “scenes” with multiple inputs to switch between during your show. A common use case for us is to switch between mp4 recordings and live content being presented on Streamyard – which can be fed into OBS as a scene and thus OBS can run the entire show. OBS is more technical and needs some training / expertise to use.

LARIX is aimed at streaming from your mobile and is good for those “off the cuff” stream setups you may want to do with a higher-end smartphone.

Set up account(s), train on the software

Make sure you know how to bring different people in from “backstage” and to bring in different videos or artwork on Streamyard.

Make sure you can create and switch between scenes in OBS

Create test show – and test several times to be sure you have it down

Connect Stream destination and Stream Key

Set up rtmp: link and Stream key

Check out test URL – and a test show if you’ve created one

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