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FAQ Center

Helpful FAQs for security, creator, and ticket buyers.

Security FAQs

Security Infastructure

The IN.LIVE platform is deployed in the cloud without any application or database servers directly accessible via the public internet. All content is served via reverse proxy servers that connect to application logic internally.

Secure Payments

IN.LIVE leverages the Stripe payment platform, a secure, certified payment platform. We do not maintain any credit card information within the IN.LIVE platform.

HTTPS Content Delivery (for web pages and video content)

HTTPS is an encrypted web communication standard used by government organizations, banks, and other industries for data that needs to be kept private. This protocol provides security in three ways.

First, it prevents tampering when the video file is in transit. Encrypted data cannot be changed while moving through the internet without destroying the data completely.

Second, HTTPS provides authentication. It uses a certificate mechanism to ensure that the sender and receiver are both who they say they are.

Finally, in conjunction with HLS delivery, HTTPS protects from eavesdropping. Implemented correctly, no one but the intended recipient should be able to access the data being transmitted.

HLS Delivery (with HLS Encryption)

HLS stands for HTTP live streaming, an Apple sponsored streaming protocol in wide use throughout the internet by major organizations such as Apple, ESPN, and others.. HLS ensures that the video file cannot be downloaded like an MP4 file. Additionally, IN.LIVE uses HLS Encryption to protect each video packet.

Password protected access

All IN.LIVE show access is password protected and requires user registration with email.

Creator FAQs

Why use IN.LIVE over other products?

First in class audio & video quality thanks to our patent-pending technology for streaming. We also provide a comprehensive set of features that enable you to express yourself on your terms – set your own branding (color, logo) and set up your shows using your artwork, descriptions, pricing, promotions, and more! You can create live shows, live intros + VOD + live Q&A, or regular VOD with detailed control over who sees what material for how long. It’s all about your experience for your fans – and you also keep the vast majority of your revenue!

All of this plus integrated ticketing, security, reporting, and account support give you endless options in creating an out-of-the-box livestream experience to complement your IRL shows or full-on streaming only shows.

How do I become creator?

Sign Up first. Once you are signed up, click on “Become a Creator” under your account login in the top right of the page. Go back to the resources page you’ll find a guide that can walk you through each step.

How do I update my Creator Profile?

Log in and go to “Creator Portal” Click “Creator Profile” on the left-hand menu, and then you will be able to edit any aspect of your profile – EXCEPT FOR THE DOMAIN NAME. When finished, click “Update” at the top of the page.

Can others on my team create or edit shows?

The email address used to create the account is the “account owner”. In most cases this is a personal email address, but if a team will be working on shows you can use a more general email address (e.g. “streaming-team@company.com”) that multiple people can access.

Everyone who is working on the IN.LIVE account needs access to the email described above in order to log in (and get the login code).

Should I use an Appointment or VOD Show type?

The Appointment show type is used for shows that occur at a specific time – typically for live events such as concerts, red carpets, or interview/Q&A sessions. The VOD show type is used for video playbacks that fans can watch at any time – these shows start when accessed and are usually available for some window of time (typically 48 hours).

One alternative case is if you are doing a limited run of a film, say, that may have distribution rights limitations. In this case, you’d use a series of appointment shows that play out the video but only at specific times and without the ability to fast-forward, rewind, or pause more than 40 seconds. This case is similar to a movie theater run and is often used for film premiers before they go to a broader release.

Ticket Buying FAQs

How do I find tickets to watch the show?

1. Go to www.in.live – OR – go to the creators In.Live site which can be found in your ticket purchase confirmation email.

2. Log in with the email address you used to purchase the ticket

3. Click on “My Tickets” in the top nav bar.

4. You should see a ticket to your show.

5. Click on the ticket. You are now on the Show’s viewer page!

If you purchased an Appointment show, you can enter the show early, at any time.

How do I gift a ticket?

First purchase the ticket to the show you’d like to gift or transfer to someone. Then once purchased, click on “My Tickets” in the top nav bar. On the ticket, you’ll see a button that says “Transfer/Gift Ticket.” Once you click on that button you will be prompted to type in the lucky person’s email address. Your ticket will be transferred from your account to their In.Live account, and they will also get a notification in their email inbox!

To access their ticket, the person will have to log in to In.Live if they already created an account using that email, or they will have to sign up using the email address that you used to gift them their ticket.

How do I know which timezone to follow for a show?

The time shown on your browser is in your time zone. Therefore, the date/time on the show will appear in your time zone and your ticket will have your time zone on it too. 

However, when you receive your ticket confirmation via email, you’ll see the first date and time in your time zone and the second date and time will be in the producer’s time zone. 

How do I change my name for the chat?

Click on “My Account” in the top nav bar, and add in your name, or edit your name. When you chat you will see your full first name followed by the first initial of your last name.

IF your name is not set up under “My Account,” other users will see the first letter and last letter of your email address Ex:j******s@gmail.com .

Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us.


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