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Marketing Your Show

The essential guide to help you prepare for your show.

General Plan to Start With

Create a 30-day Plan

  • Calendar with specific posts planned out 2-3x per week the month before your event
  • Link directly to your In.Live site pages
  • Select key message themes
  • Select key tags
  • Identify a person on-point to keep track of this

List and contact the people who will help you promote

  • Cast / Crew
  • Sponsors
  • Friends
  • Influencers
  • Make sure they at least reposting from your social media accounts

Create engaging content to use in promotions

  • Identify key hooks for why someone should see the show
  • Identify graphics / images that support those hooks
  • Make materials available for person creating assets
  • Work with team to create engaging posts for fans

Define tickets that will drive interest

  • Ticket pricing strategies – early bird, ticket bundles, series of shows
  • Target loyal followers and fans by offering promotions & discounts
  • Exclusive content and/or merch – can be bundled with tickets
  • If so, need to collect purchaser’s delivery information
  • Set up process to fulfill orders

Optional – and recommended!

  • Create Social Media Accounts for show
  • Create urgency and a sense of FOMO
  • Create special moments
  • These could be captured as NFTs or giveaways for select fans
  • Create thank you notes for key sponsors and super fans that reference those moments
  • Post-show promotion & marketing

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