About In.Live
Why play live? Why sweat all the details and put yourself out there at all? If the music is for you, why do you care who listens or how they feel? And why do the fans care so much about live when they have every song ever, on their phone, ready to play at any time?
When music is played live to an audience, the music is changed. It changes the performance and, every now and then, it changes you. Musicians find the perfect words, rhythms, melodies and harmonies to express our every emotion. Fans are drawn to that truth. They feel it as the artist did when they wrote it and they are desperate to live IN it with the artist and others who feel the way they do when the artist plays it.
When we listen to a recording, our imaginations fill the empty space between fan and artist. But when it’s live and we experience the source and soul of the sound and substance, we are no longer imagining the connection - we are IN it.
Musicians play live to feel the crowd take them as they are, to see them melt into their most personal expressions and to know that together, they are as one, connected by the music.
In.Live is committed to creating these exceptional, captivating moments that envelop artists and fans through the intoxicating energy of live. Our teams’ mission is to use the power of technology to make these experiences easy, engaging, and authentic.
We are all artists and fans and we are all IN it for the music.
Are you IN?
Executive Team

Calvin Lui - Co-founder & CEO

Calvin Lui is a seasoned business leader with a passion for innovation and track record of architecting impactful go-to-market strategies to deliver dramatic revenue growth while scaling teams and operations. His career spans a wide range of C-suite, board and advisory roles at pioneering organizations – including Ticketmaster, StubHub, Lycos, Credit Suisse First Boston, Unified, Tumri, Connexus, and TheMan.com – that count the Fortune 500 among their customers and partners. Calvin holds an MBA from Stanford plus a BS in electrical engineering and a BA in economics-business from UCLA. Go to music favorites include all things 80’s, 90’s hip hop and R&B, and Frankel. Favorite live music experiences: Seal, Stevie Wonder, Kid Rock, John Legend and Prince – all at House of Blues Sunset Strip; any New Orleans Jazz Fest lineup.

Eswar Priyadarshan - Co-founder & CTO

Eswar Priyadarshan is a serial entrepreneur, advisor and accomplished senior executive. He has led startup teams to three successful exits – including Quattro Wireless, which was sold to Apple. In addition to running his own businesses, Eswar has had senior roles at iTunes and Apple TV Engineering.

Pravin Kumar - Co-founder & CPO

Pravin is a product innovation leader with a blend of strategy, product management, and technical competence. He has worked across a broad set of domains, including HR, AdTech, CRM, and Supply Chain in large companies like Microsoft, SAP, TriNet and Yahoo as well as startups. He has successfully managed large complex products with multiple product lines that grew to over a $1B. He has been in the business of developing and delivering enterprise software systems for over 25 years. He advises and invests in early stage startups, and he speaks and writes about product management. His musical taste ranges from Jazz, HipHop, Blues, Classic Rock, New Wave, and Indian classical – both Carnatic and Hindustani. His favorite live shows – Bruce Springsteen (his first show), The Who, Gary Clark Jr, Vijay Iyer, Kadri Gopalnath and Maharajapuram Santhanam.

David U. Simon - Co-founder & CMO

David U. Simon is a successful entrepreneur and senior creative marketing executive, specialized in brand, product, content and growth marketing. He also has extensive experience in music production. A veteran of more than a half-dozen start-ups, he founded NextBigBand, an AirBnB for bands & venues . David has served as CMO for PointRoll, SocialFlow, Steelhouse and held senior positions at Yahoo! and Seth Godin’s Yoyodyne.
In.Live’s Artist Advisory Council

Keith Shocklee

  • Founding member of Public Enemy
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

Jody Stephens

  • Founding member of Big Star and Those Pretty Wrongs
  • VP at Ardent Studios
  • Distinguished Alumni at University of Memphis
  • Memphis Music Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Past National Trustee (Memphis Chapter) for the Recording Academy

Jim Lindberg

  • Lead singer and songwriter of Pennywise
  • Author, Punk Rock Dad

Luther Russell

  • Record producer and songwriter on Grammy Nominated & Top 5 Billboard records
  • Lead singer and songwriter for The Freewheelers
  • Founding member of Those Pretty Wrongs

Laurel Stearns

  • Currently Manager at LSS Mgmt and Primary Wave
  • Former Manager at Redlight Management
  • Former A&R at Capitol Records

Justin Gage

  • Founder of Aquarium Drunkard
  • DJ/Program Director at SIRIUS
  • Partner at Gold-Diggers

Susan Merdinger

  • Founder & Artistic Director of Sheridan Music Studio Presents
  • Concert pianist
Selected In.Live Investors

Gideon Yu

  • Former CFO of Facebook
  • Former CFO of YouTube
  • Co-Owner & Former President, San Francisco 49ers
  • Lead Initial Investor of Square

Jason White

  • SVP at LiveRamp
  • Board Member of IAB Tech Lab
  • Former EVP & GM at ViacomCBS