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How it Works

Built for content owners, distributors and creators.


Design your run of show, distribute to a global audience, and monetize with our built-in robust ticketing features.

Each creator site that mirrors their brand and serves as a distribution and promotion center, while also controlling ticketing data and revenue. Available world-wide. Now.

Our patent-pending stream cloud, designed specifically for arts and entertainment, delivers pristine production image quality and unmatched audio fidelity.  IN.LIVE seamlessly integrates live content segments (such as live performances, live intros, Q&As, and more) with any formally created media.

IN.LIVE opens the borders between being live in the real world and alive digitally.

Take control with comprehensive features and settings, including:

  • Sponsor and Advertising monetization support
  • Private Labeled branding
  • Data ownership
  • Marketing Infrastructure


Creator Sites for Focus, Connection, and Reach

Design your distribution and shows exactly the way you want. Experiment, evaluate and change things depending on your specific content and goals.

Branded creator sites include a programmable landing page that allows creators like you to configure:

  • A Content Spotlight
  • A Featured section with rotating carousel to promote your other work – or work by colleagues you wish to highlight
  • An About You section

Creator Sites are also available for other members of the IN.LIVE ecosystem, including sponsors, partners, institutions and organizations. These groups can highlight other creators they sponsor and draw attention to their own causes.



Integrated & Advanced Ticketing Engine

Create multiple ticket types and experience tiers. Use these across multi-show series and integrate merchandise bundles

Create urgency using sales windows and/or capacity limits.

Create promo codes and use affiliate marketing tracking to support marketing programs. In.Live also allows creators to offer media passes and comp ticket management.

Not to mention full reporting capabilities so you can get user insights and data to power your connection with fans and audiences.

One Hub For All Your Shows

Creator Sites include a “Shows” listings page where the creator’s entire body of content is listed and where fans can securely purchase tickets to shows.


A virtual production studio to design, orchestrate, and run LIVE shows. 

Combine and schedule live content segments with any kind of formally created media into one unified experience for viewers – all via a drag-and-drop interface.

Examples include live performances, world premieres, red carpet events, fan Q&A, panel discussions, VIP meet & greets, fundraisers, and more. 

Your Central Command Center

The only streaming platform that uses cloud switching to provide complete control and visibility into your show.

Merchandise & tags

Create Custom Tags

Tags can represent collections, themes, genres, categories, channels, etc.

Tags can be merchandized publicly or for internal organization.

Fans and visitors to your site can search for any tag.


Configure tags to showcase content on your microsite Landing Page and allow consumers to search by tags.

  • Spotlight Hero: Any Show, Tag, Microsite URL
  • Featured Carousel: Any Show, Tag, Microsite URL
  • Header Navigation – Featured Content Dropdown: Any Tag

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